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West County Middle School Bulletin for Friday, July 10, 2020

Middle School Library From Mrs. Cover--

All library books that are currently checked out by students can be returned to the middle school where middle school work is turned in. Also, library books can be turned in anytime from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you have library books out, please get those back so you don't have any overdue materials or fines later.

If students are looking for books, I have provided many resources and ebooks in the Library's new Google Classroom, which is open to any middle school and high school student; that class code is ksnuzbw.

Summer School - June 16-July 10th

Dear Parents and Students,

To say the year ended unpredictably is a significant understatement. We have missed the students terribly and can't wait to see them back at school. To bring some normalcy again, we would like to invite you to the WCMS 2020 summer school program, if restrictions are lifted. The program will run 18 days starting June 16th to July 10th. Classes will allow students to get back into the routine of school but in a relaxed atmosphere. It will bring back some much-needed routines for you as well. We will be offering several classes that will be essential to learning but engaging for your student. If restrictions are not lifted, a later date will be considered.

Mr. Barnett, Mrs. Bungenstock, Mrs. Coffman - 6th-grade transition- will be guiding the incoming sixth graders through the daily schedules, procedures, and the madness of middle school. If you are interested in having fun, learning to cook, learning about science, enjoying movies, and the pool, we want you. If you attend 15 out of the 18 days, you will get your schedule, school supplies (FREE) and get to choose your locker. We hope to see you soon!

Coach Abel and Coach Simily- Xtreme Team- will be exploring Missouri's nature in an innovative interactive adventure. Xtreme Team will be taking trips to some of the most beautiful Missouri parks.

Mr. Cordray and Mrs. Merseal- We will be handling our At-Risk summer program. The program is for students who need a little extra attention. They will also be supervising the mandatory summer school students.

Please fill out the form available online at http://wcr4.org.

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